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  • Urgent , would like special prayer to god through Jesus. Take my business in and turn it around be with the top earners in the industry income wise.  URGENTLY requesting a special special prayer for my "usafree" home business Empower Network ( ) for the lord to turn this business around 360% so I get off this employment pyramid structure system which is killing my time and talent and instead move toward developing my true and for the lord. ASAP. Place a shield around me at my current job until quit by July 2013. Give me power and strength to pay all tides and offereds to the church from my empower business. My goal is to make half million dollar by the end of the year 2013 and have god make my empower financial goals and vision become a reality immediately. And follow a plan to Get into the Business school for networking, and security, by July, 2013, with abundance of finance left over. We are Currently having financial issues. we live in bad area. and need to relocate in better neighborhood . Please place a special prayer for me (charles) and my brother (lloyd) to get the cheapest best quality 2 bedroom space apartment with awesome landlord within a 1 month (mid February) period in which we would really love. For the lord to work out issues with me and my girl / fiancée and have all our plans and better relationship work out smooth with positive result cording to gods will. For the lord have Lisa see and understanding the SDA religion through his sprit. Please give this message to all pastors and prayer meetings. place spiritual shield around lisa and my whole family.
    charles wright - Jan 16 2013
  • Trying to find the will to beat an addiction. Have been using meth (speed) for approx 30yrs. Several years ago on my way to my families house for Thanksgiving holiday I was arrested in Kings County, CA. I was charged with possesion, a glass pipe and an unregistered/consealed handgun in my truck. I was blessed to walk out of court with 3 mo house arrest and 5 yrs informal probation. Less than 2 wks into my house arrest I was using again. I have led both of my children into addiction starting when they were both minors. As a result my son has spent all but a few months in prison, my daughter sells drugs out of my house. I have openly used drugs with them for years. I pray for the strength to change my life style and leave behind the people that help me hold onto this addiction but I have lived in the same location for 20 yrs and have the same people coming in and out of my home throughout that time. All with the highest priority of getting high, scoring the next high and doing whatever necessary to obtain it. As a result my son is know to steal from anyone foolish enough to turn his back, including me. He is released from prison and always come home to stay with me, right back in the same environment that he learned that this is acceptable from. Yet due to my own addiction I can't break away even to give him a chance. He returns to prison time after time because he violates his parol without any effort to abide by whats necessary to complete his parole. My father is a Pastor/Missionary for 7th day and is unaware of how I live my life, the shame I know he'd feel if he knew is not even enough to make me find real help. I'm 53 yrs old and see no other future other that waking up at 60 and then 65 and still having the need for meth as my highest priority. I need God to touch my heart before it's too late. If I can get clean maybe I can be a real father and help my childern before they too are 53 regreting waisting so many years, maybe they will have a chance to know something other than a life of drugs. Chad and Megan have needed a father not a party buddy. I hope to show them a better way to live by my example, with God's help.
    Terry Lane Williams - Dec 20 2009
  • to be with my brother erik kalberg as he battles cancer and his whole family as well.
    jennifer walker - Jun 15 2008
  • Pls. pray with me to God to lead my husbands feet back home. He left without a word as he has another relationships. I am praying and fasting for my marriage restoration. Thank you all and God bless!
    Victoria King - Apr 11 2008