Adult Bible Classes
Saturday @10-11 am

From July to September, Pastor Lloyd Wyman's class is studying the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, "Agents of Hope: God's Great Missionaries."  We will study the lives of Jesus, the Apostle Paul, John the Baptist, Peter, John and Daniel to see what we can learn and what inspiration we can gain from their roles as witnesses for God. Lloyd's class meets from 10 - 11 a.m. in the church on the right hand side. Lloyd is assisted by Ken Holland.

Ralph Arnold, Jr. leads a class in the church (left side) that studying the "Sabbath School Quarterly," a Bible study guide that covers all Christian teachings over a several-year cycle. Like Lloyd's class, they are currently studying the topic, "Agents of Hope: God's Great Missionaries."

Paul Horton leads a "contemporary issues" class in the Mother's Room, adjacent to the church. He is leading a discussion of the New Testament book of Revelation verse by verse. Paul is assisted by Valerie Rhaney and others. When Valerie teaches, she is presenting material from the this quarter's Bible study guide, "Agents of Hope: God's Great Missionaries," applying it to contemporary life.

Anthony Mohr now leads the Young Adults Bible Class located in the Multipurpose Room of the Christian Education building every Saturday @10-11am