This spring, 15 younger girls in our church family were “adopted” by a “Big Sister.”

At least once a month, a bright and cheery gift bag is secretly placed on a special table in the church lobby for the “Little Sister” by their “Big Sister.” It is delightful to watch the younger girls look on the gift table after Sabbath School to see if there is a gift with their name on it. What a joy it is to see their faces light up when they find a gift waiting just for them.

This special ministry gives the “Big Sisters” a chance to let the younger gals know just how important and special they are, not only to them, but especially to Jesus.

A special party will take place in September, 2008, for the big reveal. Until then, the FUN continues!


"Little Secret Sisters" Events:

Garden Cupcake Party - Oct 2007 (slide show)